NetRumble – fixed bugs & new features

List of fixed bugs in NetRumble Starter Kit:

  • The game couldn't find network sessions. This bug is already fixed in the latest version available from the XNA Creators Club online.
    File: MainMenuScreen.cs
    Method: FindSession
  • - searchResultsScreen = new SearchResultsScreen(NetworkSessionType.PlayerMatch); 
    + searchResultsScreen = new SearchResultsScreen(sessionType);

  • Projectiles could pass the barriers

    File: CollisionMath.cs

    Method: CircleRectangleCollide

  • - if((distance > 0) && (distance < radius)) 
    + if((distance >= 0) && (distance < radius))

New features added:

  • Full screen view - hard-coded for now, will add as an option in menus;
  • Configured to use current windows resolution;
  • Scaled the game world so it's possible to view a larger portion of the arena;
  • Circles with different radius and colors around the player's ship (for now these are mere drafts but will correspond to the consistency areas)
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