Group communication in XNA

The XNA framework includes a helper class called PacketWriter. PacketWriter provides common functionality for efficiently formatting outgoing network packets. Using this class is useful when the messages are sent only to one or all the peers. Since most of the packets my host will be sending are for a group of peers, just a few of the participating players, I'll need to make my own helper class so I can choose when I want the packet to be reset, after sending it out to the desired clients.

I've done the custom packet writer class and will now make the migration and test of this new class.

Centralized architecture done + new features

Everything seems to be working fine with the new architecture in the Net Rumble game. Now all messages are sent to the Host and sent to all members through him. Although some more verifications should be done by the Host for now, most of the elements of the game are ready for the implementation of the VFC model with the Host of the game responsible to calculate all the distances between players so it's possible to know the different requirements of consistency for each players zones.

Besides that, I've added the possibility for players to join the session during the game so players can now dynamically enter and leave the game as they wish, like most of the online FPS. For that, the Host automatically sends the current state of the game to the new player joining the session. In order for players to be able to find the session the flag AllowJoinInProgress of the network session must be set to true (XNA framework).