PacketWriter status and more bug fixes

Well, as I said in my last post I made a new custom PacketWriter class. It's working fine and compatible with the PacketReader on the other side, by instinct since the order in which each member is written/read from the packets is not specified. It only requires one more step before beginning each packet to Reset the packet, but becomes much more flexible in terms of reuse of the same packet to send to a group of peers.

I've also done some refactoring of the code more specific to the VFC implementation: drawing of the consistency areas identification, custom packet writer, and so on. It is now packed in a different namespace.

Since I allowed the players to join the game in progress there were a couple bugs in the state of the current game when a player joined, in particular:

  • he wouldn't see a power up had already been spawned - the host now checks for a power up when the player join and sends it's spawn message;
  • wouldn't know about the current weapon of each of the other players (if they had caught a power up earlier) - the periodic status packet for each player now includes the current weapon he has.

Some other bug related to the change to the client-server architecture was the acceleration of the other players comparing to the host. The other players would be slower. To pass this around it is only needed to use the same direction input while another packet with new input is not received by the host. It works like a charm.

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